Improve Your Home Easily By Using Green Cleaning Methods

Are you on a limited budget? If you are, you might want to consider a home improvement project centered around cleaning your home. Home improvement projects usually do not conjure up images of cleaning your house, yet doing this is a great way to improve your home. If you do not want to clean your home, this will definitely be reflected in the quality of the cleaning. As you can see, because of this fact, it is important to clean green. In this article we will discuss some green cleaning techniques you can use to improve the worth of your home (and your health).

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You do not need ammonia based cleaners for your windows and mirrors. Many people use Windex, and this company doesn’t want you to know this information. In regard to your lungs, ammonia is detrimental. Clean shiny windows are great to have, but not at the expense of your health; ammonia-based products can do you great harm. You can do green cleaning and have sparkling windows. But how? It is possible to use water and lemon juice as a very effective cleanser. By mixing half a gallon of water with 4 tablespoons of lemon juice, you will have a green solution. Mix it thoroughly. Pour the mix into a spray bottle and go to town on your windows. It is important to not use paper towels. Increase your environmental friendliness by using a soft cotton rag to wipe the cleanser around and clean it off of the windows. One of the worst places you can use chemical based cleaning agents is in your bathroom. The air in the bathroom becomes filled with the chemicals, along with the walls, because the ventilation is so bad. Your cleaning solvents should be baking soda, borax and vinegar, instead of chemical-based cleansers, although using them at different times. Cleaning your bathroom this way will not put anything harmful into the air to accidentally breathe. You should always be running the fan, especially while you are bathing, and it also helps to leave the door open a little bit for the steam to escape, as long as you are not self-conscious.
Going green can be best described by how many green houseplants you have added to your home. Houseplants don’t just enliven the environment. Their main work is to purify the air and be an air filter. There are various plants that work best for cleaning the air, and they are English Ivy, rubber plants, spider plants and peace lilies. The more oxygen the air has the better it is for health, and that is what these plants do. How many plants you will need is dependent on the size of your house, but more is better than less. When you are thinking about buying an air purifier, get some plants instead, because they do a better job.

There are so many things that you can do to improve your home when you use green cleaning methods. If you can, start cleaning your home using eco-friendly products that will make your home a better place. It is possible to clean your house thoroughly, yet use environmentally safe products, that will keep you and your family safe and clean your household at the same time.