Improving Your Home with a Solar Energy System

Many homeowners are considering the usage of solar energy from Roof Worx to reduce their monthly electric bills and make their homes more environmentally friendly. . A once futuristic idea, the solar energy system is an alternative source of electricity that is now available to everyone.
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Solar cells harness sun’s light and turns it to electric energy. This system can also be found in everyday items, such as calculators and watches. However, its structure is more complex when used to generate power for home use. The structures that you see on the roof of houses and buildings are solar cells attached to each other to make panels. Semiconductors, usually made of silicon, that make up PV cells absorb light energy from the sun to be transformed into electric power.

What does it cost for professionals to install solar panels?

A solar energy system does not come cheap initially, although the prices have gone down in past 20 years. Nowadays, the costs range from $20, 000 to $40, 000 for a medium-size home. Fortunately, several local governments provide incentives to people who are planning to use the solar energy system that would greatly help in the reduction of cost. Also, it is a good investment financially because in the long run, you may no longer need to pay for your electric bills. As a matter of fact, many solar-powered households are into “net metering” where home owners can sell their excess electricity from their solar panels. The Federal investment tax credit rewards solar uses with a 30 percent rebate to encourage homeowners to go solar.

What does a do-it-yourself installation cost?

The alternative is to build and install the solar units yourself. Buy a kit for less than $1000. Then invite some friends and family to help you. Add some elbow grease and hard work. Install the system on the house and have a license, bonded electrician hook the power cables to the home electrical system. You’re done at a fraction of the cost of a professional installation.

After everything is installed, how much can you expect to save on your energy bill?

Homeowners with solar energy that powers their homes report an average electric bill savings of 73% per month. Your exact savings will depend on how much you pay for electricity per kilowatt hour and how much your utility company pays you for excess power that you generate and sell to them. You’ll still need electricity from the utility company during cloudy days and at night. But for certain, you will save big money with your own solar power unit. Plus you’ll be the envy of the block and the greenest.

Solar power is also beneficial for those households to save money by not relying on electric grid anymore. This savings average from $20, 000 to $80, 000, a huge amount of money! Because of this, many countries nowadays prefer this system than the usual electricity coming from power lines.

Although solar power system is very costly, unless you install it yourself, in the long term, many households will rip its benefits, not just in monetary savings, but also for the environment